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Nothing Artificial. We Make Clean, Organic Dog Treats in Small Batches Using Real Ingredients, Right Here in Minnesota.

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Paw-sitively healthy organic dog treats. Available in three delicious flavors.

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Our Story


We are five 16 & 17 year old girls who started Luca's Dog Boutique in 2017 when we were 10 years old. We all share the love of dogs and keeping your dog healthy and happy. That is why we created organic high protein dog treats. Our treats are delicious and tasty, we know this because we personally perform taste tests on all of our treat recipes. :) The treats have grain which helps your dogs heart stay healthy for a longer life according to published veterinary clinical studies. They are also a healthy organic snack giving your dog protein and organic ingredients instead of unhealthy preservatives, fillers, sludge and fats - YUK!

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Edina Magazine • June 2024

Luca & the Five Girls Serves up Organic Dog Treats

Photo Credit: Chris Emeott (Edina Magazine)

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“I buy Luca’s organic treats to provide my dog Mila with the same nutritional value as human grade organic quality food that I eat.”

Andrea and Edgar (NYC)

“I want to keep my dog happy and healthy – that’s why I buy Luca’s organic dog treats.”

Diane and Rick (Denver, CO)

“I can never get enough of these treats!”

Stitch (French Bulldog)

“I love Luca’s treats. They are worth doing tricks for. They taste great and are a sweet reward when I stay, wait and then get my okay!”

Blanca (Yellow Lab)


Chief Dog Officer (CDO)

Age: 10

Edina, MN


Luca brings his deep experience to Luca’s, as a consumer of dog treats. He has a passion for a fit & healthy lifestyle and decided to throw all his bones in one bag and share his time and energy developing Luca’s with his amazing team and yes, being their top taste tester. A sacrifice he meets enthusiastically.