Available in three tasty flavors dogs are sure to love and made with clean ingredients that you can feel good about.

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What’s in a Nummer?

Nummers are made in small batches using only organic ingredients. We start with whole wheat flour and eggs to then create three amazingly tasty flavors that are sure to bring joy to any dogs’ taste buds. Will your pooch high five you? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Small Batch


high protein

made with grains


no preservatives

“I want to keep my dog happy and healthy – that’s why I buy Luca’s organic dog treats.”

Diane and Rick (Denver, CO)

"I love Luca’s treats because they are healthy and super delicious!!!"


“Food is medicine. Our dogs need to eat healthy just like we do. Feeding healthy food is much better than paying expensive veterinary bills.”

Stephanie, Ruby and Vinny, Emme and Jewel