Why Dogs Are Important To Us

Why Dogs Are Important To Us

Why did we choose dog treats? Beacuse dogs are so important to us. It all started with our love for dogs (especially Luca). At the ages of 6 and 7, we gathered at Susan’s house for Art Camp. One of our favorite parts of being there was definitely the presence of Luca. At the time, none of us had any pets in our lives. We always looked forward to seeing Luca.

Our fondness for dogs never changed and today, all but one of us has convinced our parents to adopt a puppy. Maybe Luca was the whole inspiration for our impressive persistence in begging our parents for a new pet.

A couple of years later, at the ages of 10 and 11, we were trying to think of a business to start up. What could be better than starting a business fueled by our shared love for dogs? From there, we formed Luca’s Boutique. We didn’t hesitate to name it after our favorite dog, Luca. Now, we know all of our customers love their puppies as much as we do. We love that we are able to help provide dogs around the country with organic healthy treats. Our love for dogs and our customers love for dogs is such a huge component of our business.

Our dogs are a big part of our lives. We see them as members of our family.

When I think of my dog, I think of his friendliness and unending happiness. I assume most pet owners look forward to seeing their pets at the end of the day. Dogs are perfect for promoting play and exercise. They are a super fun way to get outside more than you might usually. Kids who grow up with dogs tend to be more active than kids who do not. Dogs are always there to keep us company. They make us feel so much less alone, giving us constant entertainment. They give us a sense of comfort and support.

And the big bonus is that dogs are scientifically proven to relieve stress and provide support. Petting your dog for 15 minutes or more can immediately calm you and even lower your blood pressure by over 10 percent.

Multiple studies have shown that dogs can literally help us live longer.

They are able to relieve stress and lower cholesterol levels, directly correlate with cardiovascular issues and they slow our breathing and release muscle tension. Pet owners over 65 visit their doctor 30% less frequently compared to people with no pets.

Overall, pets are some of the best company one can have. We all love our dogs so much and we love spoiling them with Luca''s dog treats!

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