Looking Ahead in 2023

Looking Ahead in 2023

As Luca and the Five Girls head into 2023, we have a lot of goals that we can’t wait to reach.

Overall, we want to both expand our business and build a strong community with our customers as we continue on our journey!

Expanding Retail & Online

In 2023, our primary goal is to grow Luca and the Five Girls. This means, we are going to push to share our story and sell our products in more stores and online. We want to help increase the presence of our brand throughout Minnesota and surrounding states (and hopefully even the nation)!

Expanding Production

As we push to spread our brand in 2023, we will need to expand our production capabilities to align with our increasing needs. We are working to expand our bakery capacity with co-packagers that can manage our growing production quantities and help us get our product shelf ready quickly and efficiently, and we are working with our distributors to increase the presence of our product on store shelves. We can’t wait to share our story and product with more people!

Launching Our New Website

Throughout 2022 we have been working towards creating a customer friendly website that really emphasizes our values and brand. As we enter into 2023, we are in the final stages of review and counting down the days until we can finally launch our new website which will make it easier (and more fun) to both learn about our story and commitment to organic dog treats.

Keep You, Our Valued Customer Informed

One of our brands primary values is to keep our and your four-legged-friends both happy and healthy. So, as we look into 2023, we are working towards sharing articles we find about our pets health with you, our customers!

Since we focus so much on providing organic, high protein treats (that contain wheat) in order to best feed your dogs, we also want to help keep you informed upon how else you can help your dogs live a long and happy life.

Increase Our Social Media Presence

Throughout 2022 we worked to increase our Social Media Presence in order to both keep our customers (and followers) up to date with the ongoings of L&T5G, and to expand our customer base. Despite our hard work, we aren’t as active as we would like to be on most platforms. So, as we head into 2023, we are going to continue to work towards creating fun, informative and personal posts that help you, our customers, be a part of each step we at L&T5G take. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store :)

Give Back To Our Community

One of our favorite parts of running L&T5G is the opportunity we have to give back. We are so happy that we are able to use our platform to better our community.

We have and will continue to donate to the Animal Humane Society, the Como Zoo, Highlands Elementary School, Pet food shelves, and more! So as we enter into 2023, we want to really focus on increasing our donations! We will be looking for new ways to donate and we will definitely be visiting the Animal Humane Society soon to donate a portion of our profits and to share our treats!

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